Head for Home

Images Worth Ribbons

September 2014       Topic: New Images  
  Fog     2nd Place, digital
October 2014       Topic: Hard Lighting  
  4 Shades and 7 Arcs     1st Place, B&W print
      Floating Lights     3rd Place, digital
      Three Paces Behind     Honorable Mention, digital
      Gold Leaves: 3 + 1     Honorable Mention, digital
November 2014       Topic: Architectural Elements  
  Siding     2nd Place, B&W print
  Marble Window     3rd Place, B&W print
  Fenestral Light     Honorable Mention, digital
  Stone Lace     Honorable Mention, digital
February 2015       Topic: Cemeteries  
  Flowers for Bishop     3rd Place, Color print
  Rest and Wait     Honorable Mention, digital
March 2015       Topic: Wide Angle Lens  
  Ready for a Festival     1st Place, Color print
  Sunset on Trail     1st Place, B&W print
April 2015       Topic: Geology  
  Four Round Rocks     3rd Place, B&W print
May 2015       Topic: Open  
  Up in Smoke     1st Place, Color print
  Prayers for Tibet     1st Place, B&W print